After Hours target company was started in 2000 in response to the demand for a more robust, reliable, and user friendly airgun field target.

Our products have evolved over the years, and now that we have reached our 18th year, we remain the leader in quality airgun Field Target products.
Please note In 2010 we have changed our name to RHINO TARGETS.

Our original criteria for our products remain unchanged.

   100% reliable, durable, user friendly, unequaled variety, value oriented

Featuring all steel, laser cut and machine formed components, our field targets are without equal. Offering six unique airgun products, the most extensive design/KZ options available, lots of user friendly features, rapid delivery and our exclusive
                         100% lifetime guarantee against malfunction

Limited warranty? Forget it. We don't believe in small print. RHINO TARGETS carry a no BS lifetime warranty against any malfunction. Bought it used? So what? It's still a Rhino or After Hours target and will carry the same 100% warranty against any malfunction.

 RHINO TARGETS remain the leader in quality airgun field targets and