Available immediately is a revised version of the Guntote.
It's pretty neat if I say so myself.
  The new  Guntote 2 incorporates a unique hinged gun support system for an even more rapid "suitcase to range" transition. Once in working position, the supports securely lock in place. Same price? Nah; but only 10 bucks more. Original Guntotes are discontinued; but extra trays and supports will continue to be available.   

The Guntote is another innovative RHINO TARGETS product designed for the field target shooter; but equally suitable for any shooter who wants a convenient and safe method for on range transport of gun and accessories.

Since there is no standard height or profile for support saddles, each Guntote is cut for your specific gun.

Support saddles are interchangeable, allowing guns with various support profiles to utilize the same basic Guntote by easily changing supports.

Guntotes are a total breakdown unit allowing for convenient "zero bulk" for ease of air transport, while retaining our unsurpassed rigidity when assembled.
Guntotes are complete with supports to fit your gun, rubber feet, and carry straps.
Single tray Guntote 2s are priced at $65.00 plus shipping.
Extra trays are $10.00 each.
Extra Guntote supports are $10.00 each
Extra Guntote 2 supports are $15.00 each
Guntotes with clearance problems due to extra tall risers, thigh supports, etc may require taller supports and longer carry straps. Guns requiring supports in excess of ten inches will be subject to a $5.00 surcharge.