Rhino targets

Our latest field target design is the Rhino series. The Rhino series is the result of 6 years of r&d into what the airgunning community wanted in a field target. They look different, and they are different.
Our Rhino targets feature laser cut 3/16" (4.7 mm) steel faces mounted on newly designed laser cut and machine formed components providing an even greater degree of uniformity.
Target bases have been resized to reduce weight, while still allowing four heavy duty mounting stakes to be employed to secure the target in loose or sandy soil.  
In addition to it's many features, the Rhino series has addressed two of the most common concerns among airgunners:
Durability when subjected to 20+ fpe energy levels.
Visibility of the KZ after repeated strikes.
Continued from our previous Rhino offerings, is the 1/4" (6.6 mm) thick  Aluminum protective overlay on the paddle. This easily replaceable overlay is secured with a large head hollow rivet which also allows backlight to shine through, aiding in target acquisition and focusing.
Since the Aluminum overlay retains it's natural color, many users do not feel the need to repaint the KZ area.
The Aluminum overlay is quite malleable, but extremely durable, with life expectancy before replacement being 40,000-50,000 strikes.
All basic Rhino targets will consist of the target with our exclusive Nylon coated, steel 7/7 reset leader, attached via extended eye nut.

Basic Rhino targets are priced at $60.00 plus shipping.
Rhino targets are also available as a full Field Target package.
      As shown above, a Field Target package with a 1 1/2" KZ target will consist        
      of the basic target, four Zinc plated mounting stakes, 60 yards of custom   
       spooled 200# non-stretch Dacron reset line with snap swivel, and your      
       choice of 2 reducers with locking rings.
Rhino  Field target packages are priced at $ 80.00 plus shipping.


Most horizontal, and some vertical format targets do not allow for a full 1 1/2" KZ.  Field Target packages having KZs less than the standard 1 1/2" are not available with KZ reducers, and are priced at $ 73.00 to reflect this difference.
 Please read change in pricing at the WHAT'S NEW page

See Rhino gallery for target images.