Super Popper
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The Super Popper was officially introduced at the 2002 Roanoke show and was an immediate sell out success. It is still the favorite among airgunners who wish a true dual purpose airgun target for competition or practice. Super Poppers are designed to resemble the common poppers used in firearm competition, and are mounted on the same MKV UTM as our field targets.

This updated version of the Super Popper target features a newly designed 5 hole reducer disc offering KZs of 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4".
     Additionally, the upright portion of the target has been upgraded from Aluminum                    
     to steel, and features an additional 1 1/2" KZ providing a total of 6 KZ sizes.
This new single disc Super Popper will challenge all skill levels while being  
     suitable for both AAFTA and  BFTA sport or recreation. The Super Popper is the
     perfect utility field target  providing appropriate KZ size for any distance.
It also makes the perfect tie breaker target.

Super Poppers are provided with four Zinc plated mounting stakes, and our exclusive Nylon coated, steel 7/7 reset leader mounted on our newly incorporated extended rod eye for easier reset.

Super Poppers are priced at $65,00 plus shipping.